The Team

     Project Manager
           The project manager is the head of the team, overseeing the work         and designs of the project to assure timeliness and quality.

          The designers sketch out the layout of the project so that the                  programmers have a clear understanding of what they have to do.

            The programmers are the heart of your project, turning the                     visions into code, and further, into a product.

     Copy Editors
             The copy editors put in the information you want displayed and             check for grammer and spelling errors to ensure a professional                 product.
What is SudoCore?
          SudoCore is a development team based in California consisting of computer science students who are trying to build their portfolios. The team is overseen by high quality project managers who keep the team on task, working fast, and keeping consistent quality. This practice ensures that even as new students join SudoCore, the quality will stay the same, making service even more seamless for you, the customer.

Why SudoCore?
          The pro's to this approach is that you will get to be part of the education process for these students and supply them with real world applications of their knowledge with sotware development. The students are also working to build their portfolios and get real-world practice, while also making commission to help pay for their schooling. This results in a lower average price for a larger number of people on the development team.