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     SudoCore is a development team based in California, ran and staffed by computer science students looking to build their portfolios. Overseen by quality project managers and mentored by startup veterans, the team will do its best to clearly communicate your needs and cater the code to them.

     With computer programmers that are proficient in Java, HTML, C++, and Python, we can ensure you that no job is too big, and no problem is unsurmountable. With the combined skills of our development team, your project should be produced in practically no time at all, and should function flawlessly.

     At the end of the vigerous alpha testing process, your app or website is ready to be seen and used by the public! Our team can go through the hassle of hosting your site, so that you have less to worry about and can focus more on all the traffic your new app or website will bring to your company! 
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    A team of our developers will keep in contact with you to create the roadmap for your project, making sure that what we make is exactly what you are looking for, effectively taking out the frustration, time, and money associated with guesswork.
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    Our team builds the custom app or website that you worked hard to plan together and produces a product that has already undergone alpha testing and is ready for the public.
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    We've finished coding your new app or website! You can choose to host the new source code for yourself, or we can host it for you, taking the stress of hosting your brand new app or website into our hands instead.
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